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Name: Entergyne
Location: Burlington Washington
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I am interested in people, I am a writer/singer/poet. I need nature and people as my muse. Always loving the meeting of new people and adventures that come my way. I am single, mom of four beautiful children, we have a very unique life style and love it for the most part. We love being out anywhere really. I have been intrigued by the notion of different beliefs out in the world around and have studies a little of a lot of things. I believe everyone has the right to believe in what makes them who they are. I believe we all have something to give. Without negative we can not learn the positive things in life. I am here to learn and to be taught and hopefully give some insight of what has been taught to me in my teachings, in the years that I have learned. I am hopeful that I will gain the friendships that I have so Longley have looked for.