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Name: captaintroll
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I've been practicing for over ten years now. I am the last of my coven. The others have either converted to another belief, stopped believing, or passed beyond the veil. I've tried quite a few spells with mixed results. They either work, kinds work or don't work. As odd as this may sound, I Seem to be, what I've taken to calling, a 'Paranormal Null'. Meaning odd things happen when I'm not around, but stop completely when I am. Not sure why, though. Am currently looking for a place where my energies feel the more comfortable. Can't seem to find a place that seems to suit me, so I keep on moving west. Heading to the ocean. I've never seen the ocean before and would like to behold it's majesty just once before I join those who came before me. Other then that, I love my puppies, my car, and this beautiful planet we call Earth. Not necessarily in that order, of course.