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Name: FateChild
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It has been a long road to this point. So much pain, and misery. We war for gods, worship, chastice, kill, pray, learn, and seperate by gods, yet we still remain alone. Soon, soon it will all be better, and all this will be but a distant dream. Hello! I'm FateChild. My path? It's a mixture of omnithiesm, animism, shamistic, And philosophy with overtones over Judeo-Christian outlooks. In other words I welcome every person, thing, and animal with open arms, and believe each has a part of the whole truth. Which I call God. I spend most of my time either studying, or working, with my free time being mostly occupied by friends. I research odds and ends and have probably dipped atleast a toe in the wellspring of knowledge which dwells in each religion, and each prominant path. I'm open to any questions or conversations dealing with magick, religion, or spirituality. Including but not limited to giving advice or answering questions. However, I ask that you have a subject and at least make an attempt to write coherantly.