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Name: Icorist00
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Hello, I'm Alex. On my profile, you will find a variety of different spells. Although I have just created my profile, I have been exploring this site for a while, and look forward to the many things I have planned. Things about Me >I am Fifteen years old, and I like to take Wicca very seriously, and have only been poking around some minor spells, and have been practicing several forms of Meditations and Necromancy. >I am NOT looking for love here. >I do not do spells for others, as it is not my responsibility to care for others' wants. >I have been studying Paganism and Wicca since I was around Twelve. >I have an interest in many average things besides Magick, such as Anime, Video Games, Drawing, etc. For now, my Bio will remain fairly short. I will add much more when I gain more experience on this site, thank you for your time.