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Name: AceMitchell
Birthday: Jan 28 1995
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Hi, my names Karl, and I'm new here and trying to find my way in life. I have always felt lost, Like I have no path in life, like I don't belong,but about a month ago I was reading some comments on a website and saw the word "wiccan" and had no idea what it was but something about it made me want to search it and I did, and ever since then I've been reading as much material as I can, im completely serious about this and now I'm finding myself on a new path, a path that just seems right to me. I have always had a special connection with nature and animals, and always a weird fascination with the moon, I am not sure what exactly I'm doing but I know I'm in the right place. If you want to chat just message me, I'd love to talk to some other members who feel the same as I. I don't have much experience yet, but i'm always looking for new ways to learn, and I will devote myself. I am respectful, and very open minded. My goal is to study as much of paganism and it's many branches as I possibly can, I may be new at this but I am driven to find my way in life and won't give up until I do. I am currently studying many types of paganism trying to figure out what is best suited for me. I have just began starting to learn about casting spells(with little to no success) but it will come in time, like I said I am devoting my self completely and am willing to learn from anyone who has much to teach, If you are willing to teach me, then I'm willing to learn, no matter what. Now more about me and not just what I'm here for. I love to play any type of sport though basketball is what i'm best at, Love learning new things, meeting interesting people, not a very social person but I'm looking to change that, i'm also a very strategic person, and I want to discover the truth of magic(the real truth, not the fantasy of it) among all other things.