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Name: Juryan
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Father died 9:26AM December 4th 2007, day after I seen him at hospital at Saint Eugene Hospital @ Dillon, South Carolina All my childhood friends died in my hometown, same as my dad. My dad died before his birthday December 19, being born in 1964 I was supposed to be a junior, but I'm not Was #1 Indie Artist of America, May 8th 2014 Dad was a sick man: pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, enlarged heart, deafness in one ear, wore glasses, and had 3 kidneys Dad was a Sagittarius Both mom and sister are Geminis He died 3 days and 4 days before 2 of my friends birthdays I predicted his death to him 10 days before he died after my cousin's mother's funeral One of my cousins died 10 days after my dad's death I was once in Cell 20 at age 20 I released my first Mixtape "The Zack Burner Trilogy" on 4/20 My dad was beat up by 4 dudes with aluminum baseball bats that put him on dialysis before my time Mom cheated on dad at 6 Blood sister born May 25, 2000 sister born at 7 years old I am 7 years older than her and my parents are 7 years apart Funeral was December 10th 2007, seen his spirit through a rainbow colored glass at a church we always went to Was age 14 when it happened Question my existence and find answers explaining it 777 tattoo on my back Life full of unsolved mysteries... Paths of a Triforce with a Keyhole in the center with the overlay of a Heart, with wings on each side near the heart, and a crown above the Triangle, keep revealing itself, so I got the incomplete tattoo of it using its energy myself Own a white bandanna with black markings of keys and the center of it has a keyhole... When folded, it looks like a diamond Had a ring with the "Our Father Prayer", fell under cracks of a porch in my last location Along with the ring of a + & ? symbol combined Had many things of symbolic meanings I loved... I lost them all, except a few Bracelet of a heart a friend got me when flipped over it says "FRIEND" Crucifixion bracelet, always heard a voice that lead me to many places... Cousin more like a sister, Summer Desire Grice, born December 7, 1993 was assassinated by a man that killed her with an assault rifle back of the head, and beats his wife and kills her and then commits suicide. They all died on November 15, 2014, in my hometown, Dillon, South Carolina, area Code known as 843. Felt different than the human society. Felt unloved and can't fully smile, even though I try to and laugh, it's not fulfilling. I felt like I belong here... It's weird... Seen music to be different than what society reckless plays... Always said it was pure and felt it speaking back and mimicked its words and wrote down what it said. Have photographic memory the first time I see anything... I got 777 tattoo in November 2013 because I was going to be 21 Golden Birthday of 22, I was homeless in Salvation Army I don't understand my purpose.. Currently practiced Nunchaku, mastered it as soon as I touched it and that was today (April 14, 2016) Don't believe in violence but believe on discipline... Loyal to what I become a part of... Adventurous... no kids... But feels out of place or lonely... Friends I knew for a long time or even new friends never shook around... I judge myself before looking at others... Homeschooled in College Physics Aware of an infinite deja vu Believes a time lapse is happening and a reverse time lapse exists Effortlessly using my mind, yet I know more than others... I just don't understand.... My life is so symbolic... I need more answers...