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sofia212's Profile

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Name: sofia212
Location: Paris, France
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 13 Apr 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Since I was born, I always fell the presence of an invisible world. I always believed in the existence of several other dimensions though I often doubted the existence of God. I have a scientific background and I think that spirituality is not incompatible with science, the contrary. Like every other girl, as a teenager I have watched many witches movies, ''The craft'' particularly and I was intrigued. I loved this movie very much and I really fancied the idea of being a witch and the fact of gathering around something very special with my friends. By the way, as you maybe noticed, the witches are often three. The power of three. The number 3 has definitely a mysterious power as has the number 7! I have been looking for truth in occultism for almost twenty years now. Like many people, I've always been obsessed with the notion of destiny asking myself over and over if our future is all predestined or if it's just our deeds and free will which rule our existences. I read a lot about divination, tarot reading, astrology (it's my field of expertise), psychic abilities, remote viewing, telekinesis, paranormal phenomenom and angels and other creatures. The governments themselves, especially the Russian government, admitted that they were sometimes working with psychics. The Russian government even trained what they call: ''psy agents''! So it's real. I've dreamt several times in my life that I was a Greek Priestess and in this dream, everything was almost tangible. I was in the middle of a huge crowd and my eyes were changing with the weather. It is always very impressive when I dream and when I wake up. This dream is the more realistic I've ever made. From a very young age, I have seen things which actually come true in the future. I have what we call visions or premonitions. My mother had premonitions too but at a higher level. She was a pure psychic. I've never encouraged this ability as I had received a religious upbringing and that those visions and premotions made my mother physically sick. With the time, I saw that I could do nothing to repress my visions and I started reading about the third eye and about all the means at our disposal to open it. I fell deeply that I had to accept my gift and develop it in order to help other people, though it's not perfect like mathematics for example. I stayed cautious till very recently, I understood that I had to go deeper and find the answers to my questions. I may sound very corny but I think I was a good witch and I am trying to find a way to have my powers back in this world. I know that many secret societies all along history claimed to have kept secret occult knowledge. I think it is possible. But what I believe more is that witches never die and that they do communicate through all the dimensions and through the time and space but not exactly like in the movies! Witches are the first scientists. They understood that time and space were nothing and that everything could be transcended. I decided to subscribe here because I am looking for my witches sisters in order to share knowledge and eventually to improve things and situations around us. I feel a little lonely with my abilities so don't hesitate to contact me if you wanna chat or exchange experiences. I will be glad and honored. I am very open-minded and I am an eternal student. I know that I know nothing like Socrates said. We all learn from each other and from our lives. This existence is a big lesson and we are here to share and help each other to reach our own truth, whatever it must be. So mote it be, sisters and brothers. Love and light to all.