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Name: willowtea
Birthday: Oct 1
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 26 Oct 2016
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Sun sign: Libra
Moon sign: Leo
Ascendant: Pisces
Have been along this path for about a year.. Was raised very Christian then my eyes were opened to the world and started to think for myself... Interested in discussing astrology, numerology, crystals, herbalism, any forms of divination, tarot cards, spirits/deities, dreams, meditation, reiki, past lives..... Am open minded to everything... I enjoy any forms of art, reading, spending time with Mother Earth, star gazing, day dreaming, learning more about myself, helping others...
Strong believer in synchronicity
As above, so below***
NOT INTERESTED in flirting or small talk only message me if u have a question or want to discuss something related to this site