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SilverSkky's Profile

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Name: SilverSkky
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Mar 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi! I'm SilverSkky! Gender: Female Likes: Dragons, energy spells, telekinesis, and other stuff Dislikes: Mermaids, vampires, and that kind of stuff. Sorry people but I just don't believe in them. I also don't like love spells. Element: Water/wind --------------------------------------------------- I'm just starting out with magik. Like, I've done a bit but I now I want to be able to do more. Especially spirit animal stuff, telekinesis, moving things with my mind, mind reading... But all that of course comes later. I'm trying to learn the very basics right now. If you have any basic information that I need to know, please tell me! ----------------------------------------------------- I'm currently testing out a familiar spell I wrote. I'll always test out my spells before adding them so that I don't disappoint anyone doing my spells. Actually, any spells can work if you really believe in them. I am also probably going to create a spell (even though it's not really a spell) on a relaxation meditation thing I do. I may also create a spell about finding your spirit animal. Oh, and of course dragon stuff. And water and air element stuff (since those are my elements), so people can know what they can to with their elemental energy. ----------------------------------------------------- I'm a lucid dreamer. I almost always know I'm dreaming and can remember my dreams very vividly. At first I thought it was normal to always know your dreaming until someone asked me if I know that I am dreaming when I am dreaming. I answered duh? Don't you? They answered no and said that that means I can lucid dream. And that's how I found out that I can lucid dream. Not very helpful. I don't really have control over my dreams. Once in a nightmare I wanted to turn back and run but it just felt like a solid wall was behind me and I couldn't move. But my dreams are usually pretty good so I just go with the flow. In some dreams I don't know that I'm dreaming but that doesn't happen very often, and when they do, I forget about them. In some dreams I half know that I'm dreaming, especially in homeworkmares (that is what I call nightmares about homework and school. I get them when I'm really stressed out). Once I woke up from a homeworkmare and actually believed that all my favourite teachers hate me. --------------------------------------------------- I have my own little meditational world. I created with a dragon guardian spell. It's a whole world out there. A whole world of dragons. I have many friends there, have met my guardian dragon, and my own little dragon. It's very fun and I might write the spell so that you can enter your very own dragon world. -------------------------------------------------- Since water is my element, I can 'communicate', I guess you would call it, to water dragons. I don't actually talk to them, I can just 'see' and feel their presence. Once in Mexico, I was on the ocean shore looking for shells and stones when a wave came along. In the small whirlpools I saw a small dragon spinning into the centre of the mini whirlpool. I stuck my hand into the whirlpool just before it disappeared and into the sand below it. There was something in the sand so I grabbed it and took it out. It was a beautiful small shell. A gift from a water dragon. Unfortunately, my sister wanted to look at it, so I gave it to her and she lost it : I didn't find my elements with a spell, I just kind of knew them all along. I love water and the wind and when I was little, actually talked to the ocean and tried to command the waves. I also thought wind was my friend and I talked to it and believed it talked to me. I made myself a secret name, Wind Girl, and made myself a bracelet with the name (which I lost about two days after that and then forgot about the 'Wind Girl' thing completely). I find it strange that I have nightmares about great waves swallowing me up and me drowning once in a while. Maybe the element of water was angry at me at those times? I don't know. --------------------------------------------------- The crow is most likely my spirit animal. Mostly I think so because I can somewhat understand what they are saying when they caw back to me when I talk to them (yes, I am a crazy person who walks around talking to birds). Actually, animals really like when they are talked to. Once I started talking to a deer while I was biking. I was telling her what a good girl she was and slowly moving towards her. She pricked her ears and started walking towards me. I was a little more than an arms length away from her when I decided to take out my camera. That scared her away and she didn't let me go very close to her anymore. She probably thought I tricked her and was going to hurt her (of course she didn't know that a camera is for taking pictures). --------------------------------------------- *May the magik be with you*