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Name: Sati
Location: ''the deep dark wood''
Gender: Female
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I'm Cherry.**I'm 16** **please don't contact me about a relationship, it gets a little annoying when i have 30 year olds talking about sleeping with me. I'm 16** **I want to become a either vampire, a wolf, or a hybrid** If you would like to know why, all you gotta do is ask. I've been trying for 4 YEARS now to abtain my goal, anyone who would or could help me accomplish it would be greatly appreciated. However if you need currency I can not and will not provide, I'd love to but in actuality I don't know any of you and how could I trust your truth **I am looking for a teacher** I do not consider myself to be human, I'm a full witch by Blood and a Thieran, and a hybrid in theory lol(if u wanna hear more about it. Ask) this comes with certain abilities and has left me with a more unique thought process than most. I am not naive Don't treat me as such I am a Libra ruled by Venus. I am of the Element Air, I was born on the day of the Gracious Ease, the Week of Theater, the Month of the Magnet and the Season of Maintenance. I practice Grey Magic or both white and black depending on what I want to do "haven't enough of us asked to be free"-Lone Wolf, by Outlaw June Blood is Beautiful.