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Name: LadyTemptres
Location: Chtulu
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Jun 2016

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My Name is Ana ( I was Tininha & Scripteladora previously)

Wanna know my music check Canislupus1987 on If you don't like what I listen too bad... I don't care

Important Edit: Do not bother sending me messages with just a couple of words... I won't reply anymore. Unless you present yourselves and have interesting stuff to say and/ or ask... just... don't bother. The mail is not IM.

The main reason I'm here is I lost my soulmate. Somthing or someone I felt he loved me but somthing changed that day... and I know he still lovedmay have hexed and I haven't any luck in my life at all. I've been in Love for the past 8 years and my heart hurst so much I can't bear it the pain is som much I actually tried to... well the rest is kind of obvious. I tried to Forget him from the day I met him. The worst part is I'm a Claivoyant and I dreamt of our future together even before I met him. Things were seemingly ok until na ex ( who is still na ex) got between us and things topped progressing and we were never the same around each other again. I always felt he loved me even though I wouldn't admit that to myself, although his behaviour changed drastically from that day on. I can't Forget him, and I can't make things go back to what they were. And I know he is my soulmate. I dreamt of him years before I even moved to the same city. But I think I was born cursed. And then I got cursed again by a gipsy. She said that seen as I was afraid of getting a Reading from her ( because I was in front of people and I've been through hell and back as a child and didn't want people to find out) she cursed me and said I would be forever alone and no relationship would hold. I don'0t really know what to do. I've read a lot I don't know what to do. To do most of these things break curses , do readings properly Rekindle a relationship spells and such... I'd need to have fatih. And in all this I lost myself, I lost my faith and I can't even study. All that lingers in my mind were the last words he ever said to me. He told me later He didn't meant them on e-mail... but ... the thing is... I keep on reliving that moment. And I know I'm never going to be over him. My psichiatrist says I'm healthy and it's not na obcession, it's actual love. He told me I could find someone else... but it would never be the sam thing although some people still manage to be happy that way, I took medication that should have made me Forget all about my feelings for 2 years but it didn't even work on my Heart paib and overall suffering... so I'm looking for some Answers in Magic and tarto... because I even lost the capacity to predict the futurr e in the last 3 years. I only had one instance of predicting the future. It used to be second nature and only failes about me and him. I also had weird dreams about my " future" children warning me of dangers ahead and stuff... but I don't really understand these dreams. So I'm here to figure it out... most people say I'm crazy... ntikl I predicted something in front of them... noo I'm Just crazy... no weird mojo.... just plain crazy to them.

I'm a very curious person who will put her little finger in anything she feels worth studying. I speak Fluently Portuguese, French, English, Japanese and Spanish,Galician . And have quite a good Knowledge of Latin, Italian, Swedish, Russian , Catalan. I also studied a bit of Korean, Indonesian and Chinese. I used to Speak Swiss German but I forgot most of it.

I'm interested in mythology of all kinds mainly Japanese, European and American Civilizations. I also have a special interest in Egyptian mythology and its influence on the Judaic-Christian- Islamic religions. Being originally from the Iberian Paeninsula I'm also interested in local religions pre-roman and pre-christian influence. in short the Celtic influence in our customs.

Since I was 8 years old I started taking on na interest in Alchemy ( I read a comic strip in a Children's magazine that mentioned it ( The Magazin's name was " Le Rataplan") and this is also the reason I started Reading Harry Potter when I first Saw it. I didn't have much luck in accessing Alchemical texto until quite recently and oddly enough just by accident.


Soul Number: 9

Personality Number:9

dESTINY Number:9

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Scriptelador(a) ( Inadevertedly Switched Lower Case letters with Caps and vice versa)


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