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Name: Freya2114
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Hi all! My name is Freya I am 32 years old, I am not new to this website, But i have not been on for some time now. I was recently living in Rochester, NY But i decided that i needed a major life change so i packed up my 8 yr old daughter and basically left with just the things that had significance to myself or my little girl. I am going to be very open and honest and hope that some one out there, Will read this and be able to help step in and be a mentor to me. I have been reading as much as i can about Wicca, I have been working on my Book of shadows and studying divination as much as possible, (especially tarot reading and cheiromancy) I basically in a nut shell left NY and moved to Florida to start a new life. I had a severe drug issue and i knew the only way i was going to beat my addiction was to move away from the people and the places that were bringing me down. So I Hoping someone out there will be willing to help mentor me, and help me learn more about Wicca. Id be incredibly grateful for any type of help so i can continue on a positive path in my life. Send me a email and we can go from there! Thank you **Blessed Be**