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Name: MakaChepi
Birthday: Jul 6 1996
Location: Clarksburg, WV
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 07 Feb 2021
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Hello. My name is Brittany, but I go by my spirit name Maka Chepi, which in the traditional Zuni tribe language stands for Earth Faerie. I have a wide range of traditions and beliefs however, at this current moment I really don't follow a specific path. I am of the universe and my intent rules what I experience. I have studied countless amounts of material on the craft and although I'm no expert yet, I'd say I am very knowledgable and skilled in the craft. I act as High Priestess of my Third Eye Coven and am currently looking for any practitioners who would want to join. I am also however just looking for friendship and to help people with spells or any topics they might need help with.
I do astral charts and readings, however I think at this moment I am still against doing them over the internet. It is of great significance to be able to feel out someones energy during a reading, which is pretty much impossible over the internet. Maybe that will change, who knows.
Anyways, I am a very loving, and friendly person and look forward to making many new friends while I am here. Blessed be.
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Pisces
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: In a relationship since September 2017
Chakras: Third Eye/Crown
Aura: Purple
Element: Water