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Name: AwesomeSauce
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" Knowledge is the key that unlocks the door, Action opens it."

If you're visiting my profile, chances are I messaged you first so Hello.

I'm currently looking into immortality, as well as immortality for cats (or at least a well-being charms).

I'm not interested in phony, off-the-top-of-the-head spells. Ihave enough grit and patience to find somethingthat works in order to get results I desire.

I'm best at knowing what is impossible to know. If you have questions about ancient history, I would volunteer myself; although I do not know everything, I know much. I can see much more during the full moon as well as the new moon.

I take my practice very seriously so I do not have much interest in small talk or simple questions.

I don't believe in love spells but I find them handy if they can get me to what I want.

I'm interested in making friends that I can openly share things to without scaring them too much.

(I don't do profile pictures. I 'm not photogenic. If you want to see me, it will have to be in person.)