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Name: Aradiana
Location: Staffordshire
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Feb 2020
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I am like a cube cut from Rose Quartz and doused in war water. There are many many sides to my personality but I was Made from love. I protect and I care. I am strong and I am willful. I am highly unbreakable as a person. When I love I love with my whole heart. My aura is green and bright.
I have been interested in witchcraft since a teenager but I didn't start to develop my interest further until a few years ago, I used it to give me something to focus on whilst being digoing through bad times. Magic helped me escape from what was going on, an interest that will never leave me. For me I believe anyone can cast a spell, as long as they have a strong desire and will in their hearts and minds. One love