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prince_k's Profile

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Name: prince_k
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 05 Sep 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
It's me prince k, I'm back amd I just wanted to say hello to all my old friends and enemies alikeHello all it's tritin/tritinking3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BIO IS PRETTY LONG IF U DON'T LIKE IT WELL THATS U SORRY IF I SEEM STRICT OR ANYTHING IM NOT A OPEN BOOK BUT IM NOT A TIGHTLY SHUT BOOK EITHER READ THE BOTTOM IF YOUR IN A RUSH I DON'T CARE WHAT U DON'T LIKE ON MY BIO DON'T WASTE TIME TELLING ME HOW U FEEL ABOUT IT I COULD CARE LESS THIS IS A BACKUP FOR TRITINKING!!!!! AND EXCUSE ME IF I SEEM HARASSING I JUST DONT LIKE BEING KEFT ALONE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME MODERATORS Hello my name is Tritin I'm a begginer at magic (can't cast any) sad really but I'm working on it. I'm looking for real friends no backstabbers. And really just someone to gave a good laugh with.I am trustworthy, non judgemental,and open minded. I can take crazy so don't say its two crazy try me you never know. I'm also a great listener and would love to make a new friend. I am single and ready to mingle ( sorry I stay around old people) and I love to talk to new people so come on. I'm straight and I just want to give a shout out to all my friends u know who u are and thank u for being there. Also I'm single and if i say I'm not ready to date yet..I'm not ready and I might think about it...and if I say I want to be your friend I want to be your friend don't pressure me about it. I love empire the lyon family with cookie and luscious lol i also love music and i also like art i hate rasist people i also hate when people yell for no reason i like nice people im a motavational speaker but dont expect everthing to be nice ill be real with u. Also excuse my grammer im tiping on a phone and its horrible.I believe that god is the creator of the world and if u don't plez don't start an argument its my beliefs..and I'm not so big on Satanism I'm not with or against it and I really don't like how people not necessarily Satanism make god and Jesus look bad its not fair ... And again everyone has there beliefs and plez forgive me if I seem arrogant.... I'm open minded but I still have common sense. Don't get me wrong I respect your beliefs and what u do....I just still have common sense. U can't expect someone to throw away what they believe in. I really dont see why some people want to kill christians and p.s it Will never work they got a secret weapon but then again i really dont care. I'm not with or against Christianity either. I don't like how people shove Christianity down peoples throat its there life!. And please stop saying people are going to hell let people live their life!. I don't have time for fluffs unless its role play which I might engage in. I'm a little lost and need guidance. If u can help plez do...thanks. I want to hear peoples opinions about their religion so plez share. I am lost a lot in magic and I'm looking for help and if u can help me with meditation and centering plez do thanks again. Im undercover with magick, but I don't really have the time to practice I don't like when people post threats on there bio that they know they can't do..please cut it out!! I really don't like to yell a lot and I don't want people yelling At me. Treat me with respect and I will treat u with respect Status- won't be around a lot Also I like to give people help but I won't give u all the answers do something yourself! I DO NOT DO SPELLS FOR PEOPLE UNLESS I THINK ABOUT IT IF U CONTINUE TO ASK U WILL BE BLOCKED!!!!!! I really don't like bullies stop doing people like that it brings them to want to kill them selves its not cool and people being bullied I know its hard but u have to hold on its not worth killing yourself EVER I'm okay with flirting... Just don't be lame...give me the time of my life BUT Don't get it twisted I'm not some sl*ut! I don't like people calling people on their bio pathetic its not right no ones pathetic and know one can make an army to destroy the world and yes I'm directing this to EVIL MAGE!! Stop it girl u not better than anyone I hate it when people think they are better than others and judge WIZARDS ~~~~~~~ I'm a beginner wizard and I'm looking for some help...again lol I enjoy talking to people of any religion race ect, I always had a interest in magic..I love all forms but I like black more but no summoning dark stuff I have came more to the white side but there is no color only intent I love lightning I love Zeus, posiden, and hades and lets just say I love Greek mythology THAT WAS FOR U ARREN DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING ON MY BIO ITS MINE AND THATS HOW ITS STAYING DO NOT GIVE ME ANY SUGGESTIONS ON IT EITHER U KNOW THAT BOY U CALLED FAGGOT HE GETS ABUSE FROM HOME AND FROM HIS MOTHER U KNOW THAT GIRL U CALLED UGLY AND AND TOLD EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM SHE'S ALWAYS ALONE AND BY HERSELF SHE TALKS TO HERSELF U KNOW WHEN U PICK ON PEOPLE IT HURTS THEM IT MAKES THEM FEEL BAD U THINK ITS COOL! ITS NOT ITS STUPID DUMB AND CRUEL!! NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED HARSHLY U SHOULD BE ASHAMED! U KNOW WHEN U DO THAT PEOPLE WANT TO CUT THEMSELVES AND KILL THEMSELVES ITS NOT COOL TO BULLY! AT ALL!!! U LAUGH WHEN THEY HURT AND U SPIT ON THEM AND BEAT THEM UP AND THREATEN THEM TO KEEP QUIET ITS WRONG ALL OF IT IM TIRED OF IT HAPPENING TO ME AND OTHERS ITS WRONG MORONS U GIRLS JUDGE PEOPLE AND THINK YOUR BETTER THAN OTHERS YOUR NOT SO SIT DOWN AND TAKE A REALITY PILL U THINK ITS FUNNY WHEN U SAY THAT GIRL HAS DIRTY WEAVE AND RATCHET HORSE HAIR STOP CAUSE WHATS THAT IN YOUR HEAD! AND WHEN U CALL HER UGLY AND FAT AND SMELLY LOOK IN THE MIRROR PEOPLE!! EVEN WHEN U PICK ONMOST IF US WE STILL TRY AND HELP U WELL IM DONE I WON'T BOW TO ANY BULLY!! DON'T TELL ME TO TALK TO THE BULLY IVE TRIED THAT U DON'T KNOW WHATS ITS LIKE BUT I KEEP A SMILE ON MY FACE I TRY MY HARDEST TO AND ALL U GAYS AND LESBIANS AND EVERYONE ELSE GOING THROUGH IT, WHEN YOU ON FLEK AND ON FIRE AND U KNOW YOUR POPIN DON'T LET ANY HATING A** B**** GET U DOWN, I WANT ALL Y'ALL TO WORK IT AND TWEARK IT, I WANT Y'ALL TO GO MICHAEL JACKSON THILLER ON THESE HATERS, I WANT Y'ALL TO BE LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT SHAKE IT OFF!!! AND NO ONE CAN TAKE WORK IT AND TWEAK IT, IT'S MINE AND I WANT IT TO STAY THAT WAY...OR THERE'S GOING TO BE A FIGHT DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING!!