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Name: Mattijn
Birthday: Aug 1 2001
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Hi everyone,
I have been studying magic since I was nine years old. I have studied a great deal since then. But, my study is never over. There will always be new things to learn and I will always be interested in them. At the moment, I am mainly focused on studying Druidry and Shamanism, though I am also studying Green Witchery.
What I have studied:
- Astral Projection
- Meditation
- Pathwalking
- Spells and Rituals
What I am studying:
- Shamanism
- Druidry
- Herbalism
- Green Witchery
What I will do for you:
- Educating you on Astral Projection, Herbalism, Meditation,
Pathworking/walking, spells and/or rituals.
- Give advice.
- Give guidance.
What I am not willing to do for you:
- Cast spells or do rituals for you.
- Do healings.
I wish all of you the best of luck on your magical journey.