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lamedecaying's Profile

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Name: lamedecaying
Birthday: Dec 28 1999
Location: Earth
Last Seen: Sun, 30 Jul 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am an artist that is currently interested in spells and energy and that sorta stuff. You can call me Cas or Casper, either is fine! Feel free to talk to me on my kik (jappleackle) or follow my IGs: artficialbanana (art) and toothtrap (personal)!! --- I'm agender, which means I don't picture myself of being neither masculine nor feminine (attention!!! gender and sex are two different things!! gender is more a mentality whereas your sex is your biological state. and in this case, there is no need for anyone to know what is or isnt in my pants, since you're not my doctor!) Also, I'm not single, I'm happily taken. --- I don't really believe in one specific thing. I really am pretty open minded to new discoveries and ideas on my part, since I don't think what I believe has a name. But I do believe in energy and being able to focus that energy and use it to help in several ways. Zodiac: Capricorn Favorite Color: As an artist, I have grown to love all the colors. But i love very saturated reds, and dark greens. Magick: Candle, Crystal, Dream, Herbal, Healing, Protection, and Nature magick. Pronouns: they/them, he/him, she/her Favorite Musical Artists: I really love Gorillaz, Regina Spektor, and more. I typically just listen to whatever music sounds good to me, I don't have a preference. Favorite Artists: If you wish to see some art that I enjoy, go ahead and checkout my favorites on deviantart-- my account is lamedecaying Hair Color: It varies every few weeks. Likes: spring, gardening, nature, many forms of art, making new friends, glowing things, fantasy books, animals (literally every single one, I love animals so much holy cow), anatomy, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Michael Cera, loose clothing, ukuleles, brand new sketchbooks, the atmosphere of barnes & noble, cosplaying, rocks, etc.! Dislikes: When people think cutting is cool (??? like forreal, it's not cool. at all. please seek medical help, its unhealthy and dangerous), when people romanticize mental illness (mental illness is not cool. they're serious conditions that people suffer from on a daily basis. if you think you have a mental condition such as depression, please see a doctor for your own sake. please please please! Life can be rough, and if you need anyone to talk to please feel free to message me!), when people threaten to cast hurtful spells (remember the Three-Fold rule!), being too cold, being bored, schoolwork, being yelled at, my messy room, not having the correct materials for a spell, having to spend a lot of money, not being understood, etc. --- FAQ Q: Can you draw me? A: Not for free. Q: Can you draw me something? A: Not for free!! Q: Can you give me some art tips? A: Gladly! If you want to talk about art, feel free to contact me. Q: Can you help me with magic? A: No, I am learning it myself. And truthfully, I probably am not the person you should be asking.. Q: What's in your pants? Like what's your genitalia? A: DOOM. But seeing as you're not my doctor, you don't need to know. The only other reason you would need to know is if you're sexually interested in me which I'm //asexual// so you really don't need to know. It costs $0.00 to stay in your own lane!!