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Name: MadamScarlet
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I go by Scarlet, however you may can call me Chava if you wish. I am a Libra. I have been studying Wicca/Nordic for about two years now, I have always been different, because I never really fit with the regular people in life. I have always thought I was some kind of freak in this world because I never did what others did. I do associate myself with Wicca in a way but I really do not know. I would not say I believe in Christian because I know I do not fit there at all. But It is something in the area of Wicca or the occult arts. Most people work with the Goddess and the Lord. I would say that I do not believe in a god or goddess though. I believe in the universe, I do not believe in a figure, and I never had. I find I want to believe in myself or higher being of myself, then rather a being, like a God. So at the moment I am trying to find my path. I think there should be a balance between Good and Evil. It should not just be one, I find that I cannot just be good because that can just become excessive. However I do not agree of taking control of someone's free will. I find what you put out will come back in certain ways. However I do say Black Magic is fine in ways, It is something I do want to learn. I do not want to hurt anyone but it fascinates me to work with darker things. Like I said before I want to find balance in life. For what I work with it is mostly Tarot, Mediation, and different kinds of spells. I do love to work the ways Nordic ways or Celtic. I am still in high school so it is rather difficult for me to do a lot of magaicka. I do want to work on it though, and lately I have awakened up. I am finally understanding so much more now. I love to work with anything, from black magic to shamanism. Many would find me odd but I just love everything, and there is so much knowledge in our world which should not be hidden. I have realized that I am a indigo child, a lot of people I know have pointed it out, and it just seems to fit. I find a lot of people who are different think they are the best, and that is it. I do not want to be seen as some special person. I just want to help people, and bring joy to their lives. I do not see myself higher then anyone else. Everyone is special in extraordinary ways, and this is what I found out about me. If anyone needs someone to talk to just message me. I love helping people with their problems so if you need help just say Hi. I will not push anyone way. I also plan on being here a lot because there is so many things for me to learn, which excites me. I find I have no fixed personatily,and I have a old soul. I do not view myself as one thing, and I find to do that it would bother me a lot. If you truly want to know who I am, you need to take the time to understand me. I cannot put who I am on some page with just text. Most can but I can't. (Some Information on What I like) I highly enjoy music, this is one of the things that brings a lot of joy to my life. I love nature, I connect with it. I love feeling the energies of different things. Like feeling the energy of a tree just brings so much happiness to me. I love the darker side of things though, and I find I can be a dark person. I love the night, I find I am more alive at this time then during the day where I feel tired a lot. I admit I am a big nerd though from Marvel to Game of thrones. I also play a lot of video games. I play mostly Guild Wars 2 though. Note if you plan on messaging me, Do not disrespect me, be creepy, or overall just a nasty person. This is not something I will tolerate, and you will be reported for it.