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Mikayla13's Profile

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Name: Mikayla13
Location: Ne
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Dec 2008
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I was Never so much as a Believer in alot of Thing's. But as Time went by I found that My ability to do an Create, Was most Challengin' Course I kud ever want take, But Everyday As I grew, I Learne'D, Not just Doin' Spells or Rituals Knowin' how to Read Tarot Cards, But My other Abilities I have. It seems that I dont know where I can Actually turn to cope w/ what I have, I use to think it was all wrong, but when Someone Talks or Tells me somethin' that Maybe goin' on in their Life at that Time, It seems that I can Walk right Through before they even get done w/ the Story. An I Know what or Where or Who was in the Wrong, Almost to the T. I Mean That, It often Freaks me out & I Know It Definitely Freaks Everyone To as well. I dont hang on to Friends for very Long, Kuz it seems that the More I hang out w/ them, For Example: A day Or Two, I see or Already see their Wrongful ways they Live, An Me, I dont Give A Shit 'bout how they live thier Lives But If I'm in it, then I rather Not be Involve'D in their Destruction.. So I just see them every Once In i awhile Its Best that way, & I'm not the Type to just let it Go, or Just not Say anythin' an Let them Be someOne that Their not Its Wrong If you think 'bout it when We Die, Where do you think that we Become, I feel that Once we Go Beyond, Its what we Live to be Everyday to Our Selves Of Ourselves, what other See us to be, If we dont mold our Mortality or Live By Certain ways that anyway is the Right way as long as we think it is then it is. For Every Question, there's an Endless Answer, It might be the same way said but in each an Everyone one of us there will be just a Slight bit different Version of thought for the Answer. I say this EveryDAY. We Are Our Own Self God As Well As We Are Our Own Self Devil, The Shadow That Silently, Mimicin' Me,Queitly Follows Behind Me, Waits For Me To Put HimIn Front Of Me, So He Can Do The Thin's That I Can Not Do Own My Own. We Create Life as Well As We Take It. God Has Already Sacrifice'D His Life Once For Us, Now its our turn To be God. If you think about it Our Children think that we are A God we are pretty much, They are Angels until they walk among us then they Have A Soul, thats where we come in an Mold them into the Right Stage to where when it's time they'll know when they can Mold there Own on there own, Sometimes they can do it before the Age of 5, But *0% of the Parents Chose to Control until they Lose the Control. But our time will be known when we Die, Well know if we Survive'D There's Only Two Questions in this World that Has Only Two Solid Answers, ( We are Born? ) ( Yes We Are ) ( Will We Die? ( ( Yes We Will ) Thats where it comes down to &0% of Our Population is A Bornified Lier, Fake, Judgemental, Be the First to Point the Finger at Besides Themselves, & I know it. There No Way I kud let it happen. If your a Fake, Keep it To yourself, kuz there's Peole Like Me that will Bust you out, Not in A Snitchin' Kind of Way either, But A Call him out type of Deal. & Most of Allwhen it Is Calle'D out in front of them, It's like they try to play it off & make me look like A Terrible Person First, Before I may Choose or not to Choose to Say anythin'. Especially in a Relationship, I know Exactly How It will end, & If I dont I know Exactly how things Are goin when they say that I'm wron' But Any Other Time I Tell somethin' or Help them Out alon' their way, I'm 100% Right, But Not in the way I see them In the Wron' an They Boldly Out Right Lie & Say I dont know Anythin' I'm at this Stage where a I'm Confuse'D, I dont exspect Everybody to Be Perfect, But Fuck at Least Be Honest Enuff to Yourself & if you are goin' to do Bad or Wron' at Least be Honest enuff to Let The one you LoVe Go. I Feel Like I'm Misplace'D somewhere. But I dont know which Direction I'm Suppose to go. I know how to Help EveryOne Elses Problems Out & have a Direction & a Solution for them to Follow, When it Comes to a Situation or Problem I always think of the last thin' that SomeOne would think of Tryin or I Suggest the Last way that a Person may think when It comes down to havin' No way to go w/ it ( Does it Make Any Since, I hope I am )but when it comes to ME.........I dont have a way Out of it. & I dont listen for what I speak to Others so that I may Learn Off of it too. NOOOOOOOOOO.........I cant take the road that I have given Away for someOne Else. I already knew that it wasnt for me to Take, not B'kuz that I've Already taken that Road Once, NOOOOOO........ I knew it wouldnt work out. & Plus someOne else was givin' it to follow, Not Me.