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Name: Immortalpain
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I am what I guess you would all call a newb. I suffer from sleep paralysis but I am not terrified anymore when it happens I just close my eyes and I feel as if my soul has returned to my body. People say they cannot move during but I think that's because they fear it. I have been able to touch my forehead and move my body more during the paralysis. I feel like I'm getting stronger and whatever it is it's getting weaker. A long time ago in my early teenage years I herd about an animal guardian spell. I thought it was crazy but I tried. Everytime I have a dream where I am chasing or running but can't seem to run on 2 feet it feels like I'm glued to the ground but when I get on all four I can run faster I feel my hands ripping through grass or whatever it is I'm running from or chasing. Now this is where I started believing. I choose a giant white tiger. But I'm also able to fly in some dreams but I have to flap my arms and can never seem to fly as high as I want but just enough to get to where I need to go or get away from whoever is after me. I can never fly how I want though it's like it's controlled. Could I have summoned a sort of flying cat like animal to protect me? I have lots of questions I have dreams about exorcising people too. Haven't in awhile but I wasn't scared and I spoke a different language. Someone please help me harness this power I want to use it for the greater good.