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pollydm's Profile

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Name: pollydm
Location: Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 01 Jan 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm a novice and have always been drawn to wicca. I'm looking to learn and to ask advice. This year was a most horrible year for me and I didn't know if you have any private rooms to speak in. I've lost 6 family members , the most recent my beautiful companion, Service do for anxiety due to an arrogant vet. I'm so lost with my Star. Everyday I die a little inside. I don't know if this is a place to post what I'm going to say but I desperately need help. I need just ice for Star. If I have overstepped the boundaries i apologize and will with drawl. I'm hurting so bad in side and this vet is arrogant and thinks he's God. My Girl Star??? my Service dog Star ~ 2011 I started training Star at 8 weeks old and continued that for her entire short little life. Anxiety comes from way back in the eighties when Rob was covered up in a roof fall in a coal mine. Three years later, my father passed away and that?s when I discovered that I suffered from delayed stress. I had many panic attacks that grew into more physical symptoms, snowballing to the point that I needed to seek help. As the years passed by, the symptoms disappeared until another major event in my life happened, but I was always at the edge of the anxiety. It never really left me. I suffer still from anxiety, thus I looked up how to get help from my dog and I had taught Star to read me when my anxiety kicks in. She came to me, stayed near to me, lay beside me, nestled into my neck or my back. She would watch for signs as to whether she should help or to retreat. Star had never been registered but for all intents and purposes but she served me as a Service dog. She was my/our furry baby. Star always had a great attention span. She loved learning new things. For example, I was getting her to walk on her hind legs in order to receive a treat. There are many ways to end up with a service dog: train your own dog (with or without a trainer?s assistance) or task training. Since the time that she was a wee puppy, she had successfully learned housebreaking, basic obedience training and mastering the behaviors of no nuisance barking, no aggressive behavior, and no inappropriate sniffing or intrusion into another person or dog?s space. Sometimes in bed, Star would snuggle up close and even lay her head on my pillow. Knowing she was there beside me or just with me relaxed me and I fell to sleep with ease. She had never chewed any objects lying around, gotten into garbage, none of the puppy games were played by her. Star took after her mom, a Long Hair White Chihuahua, calm as can be, a very good mother to her pups. Star was always calm. Star inherited her mother traits. Easy going and listened intently to all commands. She never needed to be scolded????.she was also very alert and very smart. She loved the attention Rob and I give her. She shared us very well. She would not touch food put in front of her or on the floor, on the table or anywhere without my consent. If I cried she will come and lick the tears from my eyes and stare at me until I said I was ?ok?. Then she?d lie down and relax beside me. She watched me constantly waiting for her cue. Star is very attentive when it comes to me or my husband. What Star enjoyed most was being close to Rob and me. I am 66 years old and my husband is 67. Star loved riding in a car with the car seat I had for her. All we had to do was to mention ?want to go for a ride? and she was always enthusiastically ready. Star helped me cope with my husband?s open heart surgery in 2012. I?m always worried about him since his accident in a roof fall in a mine 1977 when his back was broken and now he is a paraplegic. When anxiety starts to climb, Star always sensed it and came beside and leaned against me on my abdomen and chest. It always had a significantly calming effect. I ran my fingers through her hair and the very touch of her fur and smell of her fur calmed me. There are many ways to end up with a service dog: train your own dog (with or without a trainer?s assistance). Star knows when I was happy , when I was sad and when I was distressed or under too much tension. Star had been a blessing since the time I first laid eyes on her Jan 30, 2011. I visited her frequently until she was able to come home with me. It didn?t take her too long to know her name and know me as I visited her. She would come running to me on every visit at the breeder?s home. We loved and cherished our Little Angel Star?.our best dog . I wanted to buy a smaller dog so she would grow old with us?But I guess that was never in the cards for my baby girl. I?m so heartbroken, devastated losing my perfect friend. She helped me in my daily routine, surviving bad news, sickness etc. This was an exceptionally horrible year for deaths in our family In January, we lost a cousin, then in February, we lost Rob?s sister?s husband. In May, we lost Rob?s sister. Then in August, we lost the last of my mom?s family, my aunt Marge and Godmother. In September, we lost my cousin?s wife and a couple of weeks later a good friend was hit and killed by a tractor trailer while riding his bicycle. Then on November 26, our precious little Star left us. She brought so much love and sunshine into our lives. I?ve lost my buddy that keeps me calm and in focus. I mourn every single day, crying myself to sleep, crying when I?m awake. I feel as though I?m drifting in an abyss of loneliness. Star made my life happy and kept it in check. I?m having trouble sleeping, this all happened too fast. Why couldn?t she be saved? That will always haunt me. I miss my baby girl so much. We took her to the vets on Early Sunday Morning before Thanksgiving. Sh ingested a little felt pad but threw it up. The vets took more xrays and said something else was caught in her stomach. A bingo chip the didn't seem to be bothersome and had been in there for many months but he insisted taking it out. They operated and from there her life to seem to fade away. The vet gave us false hope How often does one find the most perfect dog that fits perfectly to your lifestyle in a lifetime? Star entered the veterinary weighing 7.1 lbs and 4 1/2 days later was down to 3.4 lbs. More than hale her body weight. We cam to take her home and the 2nd doctor said something neurological happened to Star 1/2 hour before we got there on Thanksgiving day. I think someone did something to her. We were told she can't stand or walk.. So, in other wards she had to be put to sleep. My heart is so heavy I die a little each day. the main vet on Tues talked us into keeping her in his clinc more days. though we said over and over we can't afford it. Then he turns his words around and sAYs WE could of stopped. He was raving like a maniac at us to give her a CHANCE WE KNEW HER CHANCES WERE SLIM TO NONE BUT HE KEPT GIVING US FALSE HOPE, HE MADE US FEEL LIKE WE WERE KILLING HER ALL I WANTED IS MY BABY GIRL BACK SHE WAS NOT ONLY MY sERVICE DOG BUT MY FAMILAIR. So hwe tried to get him to reduce the price and he wouldn't for 4 1/2 days we owed him $6892.50 and we had no baby to bring home. Christmas eve he sends a letter he' will give us $1,000. What the hell good is thaT HE KILLED MY DOG. i REALLY WANT JUSTICE FOR STAR. I'VE TRIED ALL I COULD WITH LITTLE SPELLS THAT DIDN'T WORK. I'VE PRAYED TO EVERY GOD, GODDESS sT. frANCIS ETC. TO NO AVAIL. mY PLEA HAS SEEMED TO FALLEN ON DEAF EARS. iF ANYONE HERE CAN HEPP i BEG OF YOU PLEASE, PLEASE HELP. I HAVE NO MONEY AND I HAVE TO PAY THE VET BILL. I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO TURN. My heart is so heavy with grief my heart aches for her, I miss her so much. I just go through the motions of everyday life yearning to touch and hold my baby. Your beautiful face lit up our lives every day of every year. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much, Star. I cry everydaY MISSING MY PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL WHO MEANT SO MUCH TO ME?I LOVE YOU baby Star! Mommy Cries for your untimely death caused by AVets Hospital. They charged us $6,892.50 and won?t bugde bringing down the price. Neve tak you ranimal there is you want it to love. I?m heartbroken for my Star. i WOULD BE HAPPY TO SUPPLY MY EMAIL ADDRESS. BLESSED BE POLLY