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LoveTheDead's Profile

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Name: LoveTheDead
Birthday: Sep 14 1997
Location: Standing with the only person I trust-that is kahn
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 02 Nov 2017
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
First let me begin with magic. I know little details about the higher magics that makes it so advanced that im even surprised to see that the human body can handle such things even after practicing for so long. In truth what is it all for? What purpose is it to the world? To make things better? To save people or to hurt them? If we all posess these skills would we not still have the knowledge our ancestors did years ago with this if our past does come from magical practicioners? I doubt just anyone has this potential to achieve what we do here so not everyone is gifted but we all have something in common. We all have power, control, and abilities yet we would see them fit to be used for other purposes such as killing, cursing/hexing, or other evil deeds one must think they must have to have happiness in life. This is not the case. In my years of being here i have learned a great many things in my time things i did not start with when i first started such as the basics, magic's limits, and a great deal of other things along the side. I have studied magic and out it to practice but in truth i do not understand why they call it a path (chosen at that) i see it as the light of guidence you befit yourself to endure and to "master". It begins with what you want to know as for most people its who they are and were this also goes for who our ancestors were. Its good not to know everything its even better to know something then nothing at all. Is that why we are not here to learn? All i have seen in my time of being here are judgmental people criticising other for lack of knowledge while i do agree we should not spoon feed them however you may always point them in the right direction. If they can not help themselves to the information given there is no help at all. This is why i am here to learn more to faction myself from many who would just sit here and do nothing. I would like to aid other in their time of need as they will aid me in mine in return. I do not care who you think you are, what it is you think you might be, or how high ontop of the world you are. All are welcome to come to me and seek what it is they look for. Now about myself i chose this name because everything i have worked so hard for has died in the hands of others as well as my other accounts. I was a loved person once known by many people who aided me and befriended me but alas i am no longer who i once was. People left, i left and have now returned my former self is restored to the kind self i was once known so well for. LoveTheDead is who i am loved and dead both but not physically only throught mentality. I was once known a long time ago by my real name back in 2000 something when i first started this site and since i left it back in 2013 i have returned to now find new things have happened to this site and it has been wonderful from my newer experiences. You may call me by anything you wish as long as it is approved of. Thats all i have to put about myself with my personality. As far as practicing goes that would be healing, readings (not doing these), spell making, spell casting Misc about myself in the realm of magic- I do not turn away a free reading tarot or not if interest please send me a message. You take things pretty seriously, for the most part and today that pats off for you in a big way. You should try to make sure that all of your friends and family share in the rewards, if possible. Your heart is stronger than your head right now -- and you should let it win every battle! It's one of those days when you need to try to do what you feel is right, no matter what the cost may be.- I wish I could follow it but I dont have the means to right now. IM NOT CASTING OR MAKING SPELLS FOR ANYONE ANYNE WHO ASKS AFTER THIS IS UP WILL BE BLOCKED. However please feel free to ask about them and what i do. You need to get moving -- even though you'd probably rather just stay at home all day. You can force yourself, though and if you do, you'll be glad you did. There's a lot of fun to be had out there! Im a hermit. You make a great impression on others today, especially bosses, parents, teachers and people in authority. They see you as receptive and gracious. Abe Lincoln said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak out and remove all doubt." true Your logical side is making a splash today, and you should be able to get people to see the truth behind your ideas with relative ease. Some might object, but you can overrule them quickly.this just happened Kahn is my brother and is the only person i tuly trust. ~NOTE~ IF YOUR GOING TO ADD ME LET ME KNOW SO I CAN ADD YOU BACK!!! Trying to find a new light now I havent updated this in a while if you want to know what this means simply ask. WARNING: I REFUSE TO DO LOVE SPELLS IF YOU MESSAGE ME ASKING TODO A LOVE SPELL FOR YOU OR BREAK UP SPELL I WILL IGNORE/BLOCK YOU!!!!!