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Name: Dannylee
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Hello, my name is Danny I'm 20 and I am a Wiccan of 8 years, that being said if you need any help I'm happy to oblige. Facts about me: I'm generally a nice person, a bit of a nerd. I build robots, and I'm a former programmer/CAD designer at a small robotics company. I've been building robots competitively for 6 years now, and I honestly can't see myself being completely happy with any other career. Right now I'm getting ready for college in the fall, still chasing that dream. I am a vegetarian of 5 years, I love fur babies more than life and I'm trying to make my small impact on the planet. That being said, I don't judge people who eat meat. But if you're curious/ interested in being vegetarian I don't mind questions. I can also give ya some great recipe's. I am bisexual, and I support everyone in the LGBT+ community. I enjoy anime, drawing, and pretty much every genre of music. Conversations with me will be a bit awkward at first, because I'm not so good at them. So be warned of weirdness. Don't be afraid to message me though, I love talking to people ^~^. Also my pictures are public, if you want to see more of me, and the things I do.