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Name: Rae333
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Hi! I'm Rae. I used to have a more informative profile, but since there was a glitch in the formatting, I have to shorten it, so please bare with me.

I'm sad. Most of my friends don't log on anymore. Oh well.

I'm fairly friendly, and I like to talk to people. Sometimes I can be a little silly, but I can be serious too. I'm also pretty shy, so I do hope you'll be patient with me. I used to practice witchcraft a little, but since I've been feeling energy deficient, I've lately just been using Tarot cards. Please don't ask me to do a reading, though. I can't do digital readings. My other interests include singing, reading and writing, listening to music, and spending time outside. I also really like talking to people, so please send me a message! Additionally, I'm taken by wolfyromulus, and I couldn't be happier ^^ So if you want to flirt or anything of the sort, you'll have to go to someone else.

By the way, I have two spells posted here. One is a luck for a day chant, and it has been successful for not only myself but others who have tried it and messaged me. As for the other one (Stop The Rain Spell), that one is obviously fluff. I posted that was I was 13, I believe, so please don't judge me too harshly.

Ok, if you read that all, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you for reading my profile!! But now that you're here, why not send me a message???