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Name: Divination15
Location: United States
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Feb 2020
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Greetings fellow magick users. Call me Div. I am a peppy, bubbly, very childish teenager who loves anime, drawing, gaming, and singing (although that list could go on). I love my friends to death, and my cat, even though I am a pretty big loner.
I am learning/practicing:
Astral Projection
Dream Entering
Lucid Dreaming
The Gaelic language
Healing Magick
Kuji-in and Kuji-kimi
A few others, but smaller.
I also read tarot cards, but usually its just for my friends and family when they are in need of it. Please do not ask for a reading.
I am not here to flirt or find a relationship, but to learn and to share my experiences. I am looking into joining a coven, although I am not sure which one yet though.
I will not reply to your messages if their is no subject line.
Thanks for reading my bio! Bye Bye!