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Name: FallenGod15
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An old soul that's been around for far longer than I care to keep count of. You may call me Dillon Darknight. It is a name given to me by a close friend, and is the closest thing to a true name I have. I do not know my birth name, so this suffices as such. I am open for friendly debates. Critical word is friendly...if you refuse to be civil, I will not bother responding. Please, do not start a debate if the opposing viewpoint is offensive to you as I do not wish to offend. If you wish to know more about me, you may ask. I'll tell you all I remember. _______________________________________________ I'm looking for a man named Darmen (or Daemon...both are correct). Black hair, green eyes. He enjoys wearing black, and usually carries two swords. If you know him or know of him, please let me know. Many people are asking me why I'm looking for him. I suppose it was an oversight not to include the reason lol. I'm looking for him because he's my brother and my closest companion. I wish to find him again because I miss him.