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An old soul that's been around for far longer than I care to keep count of. You may call me Dillon Darknight. It is a name given to me by a close friend, and is the closest thing to a true name I have. I do not know my birth name, so this suffices as such. I am open for friendly debates. Critical word is friendly...if you refuse to be civil, I will not bother responding. Please, do not start a debate if the opposing viewpoint is offensive to you as I do not wish to offend. If you wish to know more about me, you may ask. I'll tell you all I remember. _______________________________________________ I had an unusual experience last night...I'm hoping someone out there can help me... When I went to bed, I began meditating. I usually try to do this right before bed. While I was meditating, I focused inward, on my own soul, exploring and delving deep. Suddenly I found myself falling...falling and falling through infinity...deeper and deeper... Finally I found myself in a large forest clearing. There were trees all around, with a single path cutting through the clearing. Flowers were blooming and growing in a large meadow, and there was a very large pond with a dock jutting out into the center. It wasn't particularly large around, but I knew it was infinitely deep.. It had no bottom. I don't know how I knew this, but I knew it with a certainty. My form was much older...I was bearded and cloaked, and used a walking staff, though I wasn't frail or weak. What struck me most was the power I felt...it was immense, all around and encompassing...it was terrible and wonderful, terrifying and comforting. Yet it felt familiar, like an old friend I had once known... I hope someone can help me make sense of this...this all came about because I was exploring my soul. What happened to me...?