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Name: Lokitty1
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I specialize in animal and transforming spells, and things to do with dragons. I do others spells too, and seem to be naturally skilful and successful with magic. If you don't believe in transforming spells and dragons, tell me, how can that not be real if magic is real? It's just as logical. Plenty of people on this site believe in a god and no one gives them trash for it.
In fact, I've had someone have a go at me for making werebeast spells which they think is impossible, and at the end they said they were giving me the blessings of a god they worship. That seems kind of ironic to me.
I do not believe in a god, but I respect that people do and would like respect for my belief in creatures such as dragons in return.
Contact me here if you want to know about werebeasts, my spells, dragons, etc.
I may take a while to respond as my life is quite difficult atm.
I really love dragons - it doesn't matter if they are real are not, I'd love them if I didn't believe in them. Dragons are awesome.
I am against any sort of cruelty to animals and generally value animals over humans.
Also, I love classical music. Totentanz (by Franz Liszt) is my favourite piece ever.
I hope to make and master spells in the future for life-lengthening, more intense shapeshifting, telepathy, as well as other magic.
My goal in life is to become my true self; a dragon.