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Name: LucianLance
Location: Council, Virgina
Gender: Male
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My name is Lucian or at least that was the name given to me by my den mother Luna Night Goddess 11years ago who was and currently still is the High Priestess of the dragons order which she would not let me join because of my kind yet melancholy nature. I'm an easy going chill guy who likes Anime,Literature, Technology and the supernatural.
My Studies Include:
*Summonings:Demons,Ancestral,Spirits in General(Mainly to have conversation and or learn something about myself I never noticed)
*Red magic:Love,Lust,Reuniting lost love, attraction spells in General for friends that are well known and appreciative of my help
*Black magic?: Don't really mess around with,mainly because a percentage of the time it horrifically backfires good or bad intentions
*Mainly random types just ask.
Umm not much more to say other than I would like to make friends and study together because being solitary can be stressful to some.
Quotes: Open your eyes you are blinded by the veil and fail to see the greater truth before you.