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Name: Gust
Birthday: Oct 29 1999
Location: Levelland, TX
Gender: Male
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I am the Crow. The messenger of shadows, the servant of darkness. I am powerful, and know it. I am everywhere and nowhere. I know all, see all. I am eternal and never ending. I am beyond death, and beyond this plane, and the next. I am the Crow. Bio: My name is John. I would like, however, that you call me by my Magick name Gust when talking to me on this website. I am 16 years of age. In my head, I am at least 30 years older. I would classify myself under "loner" or "outsider" among the "social classes" of my school. I am almost always wearing black everything. Shoes, shirt, pants, and jacket (light and in the summer as well) with long dirty blonde hair down to my eyes, hanging mostly down over my left eye. I am taller than about all of the freshman class, taller than about 1/2 of the sophomore class, and taller than about 1/2 of the junior and senior classes in my school. No I am not freakishly tall, I'm just tall and almost everyone here is short. I practice sorcery, but, only in the gray and white Magick aspects. I am decently strong in my practices. I work almost entirely with the Aether (energy that comes from the Aetheral plane which parallels the physical plane). I do not dabble in black Magick and never will. I practice sorcery based off of the book I reference greatly from called: "Sorcerer's Handbook: Real Magic at your Fingertips". I love the book and the book's teachings, and would gladly recommend it to anyone. I have a belief (a personal one not shared by many) that when your past-self dies (if you believe in past lives) that a majority (85%-90%) of your spirit moves on to create what becomes you. I also believe, that the other 15%-10% of you (what made "them" them (memories, knowledge...)) is "stuck" as a spirit/ghost and is wandering around the Earth just to "have fun". My past self (a Chinese sorcerer (according to an online psychic I found somewhat reliable) named Gust (found out by me)) found me, at the age of roughly 2, and began to follow me, protect me, and aid me when I needed it. There are perks with that. When Gust was alive, he found access to the Akashic records, and greedy with knowledge, tried to learn all of it at once. This drove him to madness/insanity. He died shortly after. However, that knowledge is still with him as he follows me. The only way I can say this and have it make sense will seem very weird. Think of a person with multi-personality disorder. They seem to have multiple "versions" of "themselves" take control of their body at random times, and act like that "version" of "them" and come out of it with no memory of anything that happened during that time. Gust and I have something similar to that. The only differences are that I don't "black out" during the "experience" and I still have complete control over my body (except for when I don't want to have control, similar to "giving in" and letting him take over certain parts. Ex.: mouth, eyes...). Now, Gust and I have "bonded". He is always in me now. He's not troublesome or anything, just a complete spaz. He can be calm and collected, and then laughing hysterically in 5 seconds. All he is when he's not "controlling" me is a voice at the back of my head that I can converse with. If I get lonely, I talk to him, stuff like that. Sometimes I even carry out a whispered conversation with him (me asking a question to no-one and then immediately responding with something random but completely answers the question). The only problem is, when he lets me in on his massive "library of knowledge", all of the knowledge trickles in slowly, so I don't start acting "insane" suddenly, though it does happen and it does scare some people (it's a joke). It happens slowly. Sadly, it also leaves me with a headache as bad as about how long he was "guiding" me. That is my relationship with Gust. Don't tell me there is something wrong with me because there isn't. Deities: I adore Athena and Pan from the Greek pantheon, but sometimes also find myself looking towards Isis and Anubis from the Egyptian pantheon. Spirit/Totem animal: Crow Elements: I am a full-on air. I love the air almost as much as I love my girlfriend. Specialties in Magick: I'm ok with just about anything (not black Magick) but I work really well with weather, especially in my small town. We were one time in a drought (we are in West Texas) for about 3 years, and I decided I was tired of seeing nothing but barren wasteland and dried-up lakes, so I casted a rain spell twice every week for about 4 weeks, and everything got back on track. I think personally someone had cursed our area for no rain, but I can't be for sure on that one. Notes: -Lately, I've been having a darker outlook on things. Similar to pessimism. -I'm trying to take over the coven Practical Witches to try and get it up and running again. It may be a long shot but hey, you experience by experiencing. -My laptop is broken and I'm working on getting it fixed but until then my ability to log on daily is limited. If you care then this note will be removed when its fixed. It's still broken but I am now able to use it so my logins will be more frequent.