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Name: Algestrical
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Darkest and lightest greetings to you. I am going to lay down some rules because you don't want to see me mad: * I will NOT cast spells/rituals for you, I will NOT right them for you, nothing, end if story * I will NOT turn you into something that you are not. Don't like what you are take it up with your higher power or beings ( you where made the way you are, stop complaining. 95% of people, in my opion, that want to be turned into a mythical being hate their life and think being something " scary" and " powerful" is going to make life better, or your a role playing hippie. Mythical beings aren't what you think they are : Vampires aren't these sexy guys with big dreamt eyes, sorry this isn't TV) * I will not respond to messages like : " can we be friends?" , " Hi ", " I like your profile/profile picture", and I most certainly will not respond or open messages with no subject, or being of a fluff nature *** Just a heads up I don't deal with petty baby crap, so if your under 17, leave me alone- ok? Great :) _________________________ A few things about myself that I'd like to highlight for you : 1) I'm a seer ( which if you don't know what it is, look it up, there's a website called google, du) and do offer tarot card readings or a deeper look through my oracle. I will CLEARLY state that I am not obliged to do a reading for you, let alone I don't need to do the reading after what I know it's about, if you want a reading message with the following: subject title ; Reading, ( your real name, wether you want a tarot or oracle reading, and your question) 2) I don't take kindly to those who ignore my rules Now about me : I am an old and tortured spirit, with little respect for people. I'm a Druid through religion, and Satanist through being. I can be very sweet and friendly. I also am good at manipulating so be careful :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Areas of Knowledge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Divination - Mythology - Others ( Demons, Spirits, mythical creatures, Gods and Goddesses) - Elements ( basic elements, elementals, element control/manipulation, etc.) - Herbs - Ritual items ( Incense, candles, altar set up, etc.) - Shamians -Demonolgy ( Demons, shadows, etc. ) - Different types of magic ( example : candle magic ) - Satanism And many others ( Feel free to message me )