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Name: Jontomamoe
Birthday: May 10 1999
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Name: Jon Age:18 Hobbies: singing video games swimming reading drawing writing Favorite comic book character: the Joker of course Relationship status: I might of found the one now I just need to ask her out lol Sexuality: Bi and proud of it Music taste: country, rap, heavy metal, screamo, but not jazz and this new age cr@p Favorite musician: MGK hands done I do rp but depends on the person on what type of rp they are into If you want to know more ask or if you just want to talk I'm willing to talk about basically anything I hate having an empty mailbox I don't bite ......hard And We all float down here Rip Josh ik we didn't know each other well but you're still family you'll be missed Who ever updated this website please change it back