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Hello everyone, my name is Azarath. I am 18, currently residing in the UK. I am gay. I am following an eclectic Pagan path, taking things from Wiccan and Heathen traditions. I have been a practitioner of the magickal arts since I was 5, due to high intelligence, boredom and a love of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, especially the character Willow. I was born a natural witch, it running through the bloodline, but only faintly. I was able to bring it forth through trial and error and hope to one day pass this on. I also possess Psychic abilities, most notably Clairvoyancy. This takes form with Precognition (The ability to see the future) and Retrocognition (The ability to see the past). I also have a whole host of sight-based abilities, plus a lot of emotion-based abilities due to my slight Empathic skill. I am also a crystal healer, tarot reader, rune reader and dowser. I am an artist by nature, with a love for all things natural and historical. I love bookshops, museums, galleries and places with a lot of culture. I love the world that lies underneath us, that most people overlook. I am a solitary witch, although I will occassionaly cast with my best friend. I act as both a teacher and a friend to her and to various others who I am quite close to. I also have a being of energy, known as Raven, with me. She is able to take control of my body and through her my Magick and my Psychic abilities are enhanced as she has control over a much more primal version of my various skills. She is a dear friend and has helped me to become as strong as I am today. I am quite bad at writing these things, so if there is anything else you wish to know, do not hesitate to send me a message. Now, to finish this off, let's put in a quote from Raven herself. "There are no experts in the field of Witchcraft, nor are there amateurs. With practice everyone is equal, but it is how you use the power you are given that counts. Everyone is on a path of learning and so anyone who claims they are an expert should be ignored. With enough practice, you too can be as good, if not better, than them." - Raven