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About Me: - My name is Emily. - I am seventeen years old. - I work as a waitress at a small cafe/coffee bar. - My hobbies include reading, crocheting, ballroom dancing, yoga, baking, playing with any of my four cats, video games, practicing the flow arts (wand, hula hoop, etc), and playing ukulele. About My Studies: - I am a solitary witch. I am not Wiccan. - I have been studying general witchcraft for around 3 years. - I am a wandmaker and a beginner diviner. - I am an eclectic witch; I practice aspects of cottage and kitchen witchery, hedgewitchery, and green witchcraft. - I am currently studying beginner herbalism, rune divination, Womanrunes, crystal magic, and shamanism. I WILL NOT: - Flirt with you. This is not a dating website. I am seventeen. I have a boyfriend. Leave me alone if that is your intent. - Cast a spell for you. Not a love spell, not a luck spell, not a money spell. NOTHING. - Respond to "Hi" or "Hello" or other one-word messages. I like to meet new people, but if you have no real intellect or grounds to start a conversation, don't bother. - Teach you. I am still learning. I am not obliged in any way, shape, or form to teach you to read cards, make wands, write or cast spells, etc. Tarot Readings: Open I will occasionally open for tarot readings when I have time and I feel well. I typically will not do many readings at once, but I will open for 2-5 slots. Womanrunes Readings: Open Womanrunes are woman-inspired divination cards, much like Tarot, but geared towards feminine energy. I would love to get some practice with my Womanrunes, and I will occasionally open reading slots to women! Oracle Card Readings: Open I currently use the Moon Phases Oracle deck and Tarot in Thyme. Rune Readings: Open Reading Inquiries: For all reading inquiries, please send me the following form with appropriate answers. Name: (Please, your REAL name) Birthdate: (Again, REAL birthdate please) Reading method: (Tarot, Womanrunes...) Question you seek answers to: Please note that when telling me your question, it is best if I have plenty of detail. It's very hard to answer a question if you don't understand it. It also helps if your profile picture is you, so I can get a better sense of who you are. I am a very open person, and I love to make new friends! If you'd like to get to know me, drop me a message! If you would like to contribute anything to my studies, I would love to hear from you as well. Thank you for getting to know me! Blessed be!