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Name: xSilas
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Hello! My name is Silas. I'm a newbie eclectic/Christian witch. I'm an incarnation/Earth Angel/whatever you'd like to call it of the archangel Silas!
My main guardian is Archangel Michael, and I most likely served under him back in Heaven.

I worship the only Judeo-Christian God and do not work with any other spirits, gods, or goddesses, but I don't discriminate those who do! Like I said, I'm a beginner, but I am antiquated with various angels; particularly Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron.

My psychic powers are few but I hope to expand upon them! I possess clairsentience and can read tarot cards.
My guardian has been limiting my spiritual abilities thus far until I'm ready to handle more, but I have briefly met a few angels! I'm sure more of my ablities will develop when Michael decides I'm ready.

I do not use black magic, work with demons, cast curses, or use magic to influence the will of others.

Feel free to say hello!!