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Name: morganali
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Hi my names Morgan.
My whole life I could feel that I was missing something, like there was something about me I didn't understand, and ever since I found Wicca and magic a year or so ago, I've been amazed by how much better I feel.
I'm a Wiccan witch, and I'm starting to find out more about my families history and I've found evidence that could suggest I have others like me, in my own family. My own powers are strong in storm magic and controlling/talking to animals. I haven't completley mastered it yet, but I'm pretty good at reading minds/dreams also, and talking to spirits.
My goal on this website is to grow and develop my powers, to learn and teach others, and possibly run my own coven when I'm much more advanced. I hope to find other people like me.
Fun fact; my eyes are three different colors, the left is halff green half brown and the right is blue/green.
I'm a Libra and I love people so talk away :-))
I'm open to new ideas so if you have something you want to test out, or if your interested in some kind of magic, I'm always interested in talking!