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Name: Philljenn
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I was raised by a strick Roman Catholic Italian Family. Was sent to private schools and was very active in the church until I was about 16. At that time I did not feel the same about religion. Organized religion. With all the religion I felt was now being forced upon me was one huge contradiction. I took it to my Priest, told him I didn't know what to do. I was told look in your heart for the answer Jennifer. I did a lot of searching to find my own answers. To no avail. I was still confused. I told my Parents and naturally they freaked out. But my Father Geno took me to the side and asked me what was going on and why I was having so much trouble with my Faith. I told him that I belived it to all be a Huge Lie. That I thought it's just a book. And why didn't the son of God have a wife? He was just a man a phrophet Human. With the free will to hate and love have a wife a Family. A Bloodline. He understood what I was saying and asked me for the sake if his mother and father wait until I turned 18 to make my choice. I did. Now that I think back on my younger years and even now I realize how in tune I am with every thing. Before Family members passed I would dream of them and they would tell me not to be scared. They were going to a better place. Anyware from 3-7 days later they were gone. I could feel spirits, not see or communicate with them I felt them everywhere. I still do today. I'm not scared by them. I do want to know what they want. I've always belivied in ghost, and my dreams have always been very vivid. I've looked into the meanings of dreams. I've read things about black and white dreams, dreams that are in color, dreams of people holding me back from reaching loved ones who die in a horrible way. Sometimes these can be EXTREMLY Scary, and way to real. I've read on dreams that happen more than three times in a week will usually come true. I would love to have someone to help me learn more about my dreams and why I feel the ghosts of people I do not know. I've taught myself how to astral project. At this time I can only go maybe for a short amount of time. I've got past being able to watch my husband or myself sleeping. I've never told anyone this. I feel like a weirdo for being able to feel and dream this way. But I've always been very in tune with the things around me. I'm a very sensitive and emotional person. Is this why I can do the things I can or is it in my head?