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Name: ZachJordan66
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My name is Zach, and I have been studying Wicca for the past 5 years, though I still consider myself a beginner in the craft. I practice Hellenic Wicca, with my main deities being Athena, Apollo, Demeter, Hera, and I also follow and work with all the other Hellenic gods. I was recently introduced to a circle here in my home town, and they wish to make me their High Priest because I know a lot, and am very energetic.
I am an empath, and I have multiple vivid, precognitive dreams each week. All of my dreams are vivid, but I have only had two lucid dreams.
Things I want to learn:
Astral Projection
Crystal uses.
I play guitar, ocarina, and dulcimer. I love looking through my telescope at the moon ( Although I'm terrified of the things that wake within the night.)
My favorite wand is made from a stick of Black Elder, and a core of graphite, to heal the chakras and banish negative spirits.