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Name: boarbristle
Birthday: Feb 19 1994
Location: Colorado
Gender: Female
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-- please do not flirt with me or call me pet names. I am not a nice witch, and I promise you that I will not only block you but will curse you with every ounce of my energy if you even remotely try to hit on me. --

Also note that I am mixed race, and if you have a problem with part Japanese woman not being a "pure race"/"Not a true child of Odin" then please leave as well. It is very sad that I have had to add this to my profile. If your going to get to know me to the point I share a family picture with you, and you get offended that I lied about my "white heritage" than I don't even know what to tell you.

Hello, call me Sage. I am a 21 year old woman located in Colorado who has been a practicing witch for around 7 years. As far as my practice goes, I am some strange mixture of storm/water witchery and green witchery. Though in recent years I have been leaning more towards green witchery.

In terms of my craft. I spend most of my time associating with plants in the form of Green Witchery or Green Magic. Plants familiars, plant energies, speaking to the spirits of fungi and the green world, all tend to be things I am particularly good at and are fond of. I also work a lot with storms and rain, as I feel it plays a vital role in plant work and development.

Hair crafting also plays a large role in my magic in general. The use of hair is something I developed independently, and is something that I am quite fond of. My own hair is the medium of my spell casting a majority of the time; and most of my tools either revolves around my hair or my garden.

Animals that are sacred to me:
The Boar
The Bovine
The Domesticated Cat

Plants that are sacred to me:
Thai Basil
Ash Tree
Most (if not all) Fungi
Most (if not all) Moss

Things I am good at:
Grey Magic
Mythical Creatures (mainly Dragons and the Fae)
Plant/Fungi Spirit Communication
Storm Crafting
Hair Crafting