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Name: Tanishablake
Birthday: Jun 7 2002
Location: Central Coast
Gender: Female
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Hi. I'm Tanisha Blake. I have believed in magick since I was eight. I'm an air user (born in Gemini). I believe that both light and dark magick are to be used, though equally. On this site I would like to learn how to use defense and attack spells. Preferably defense though. I'm in Year 10 in Australia. My favourite colours are blue and green. I would like to be able to help people when I'm older, it doesn't matter how. I love to read, write and play piano. I do athletics training 6 days a week. So I may only be on here every Saturday as that's my rest day. SKILLS: IM BEST AT- -HEALING -ELEMENTAL MAGICK -CRYSTAL MAGICK -WEATHER SPELLS CAN ALSO DO- -MINOR binding spells -defence magick -MINOR scyring Yours always, Tanisha Blake :)