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Hi I am here because I am very interested in this subject. I am a clairvoyant photographer And I am an Empath. I am new to this Subject of magic and hope to learn As I am very fascinated In the casting of spells. I hope to learn And tap more into my gifts. I have over 100 copy written Photos And videos With the paranormal. I also have an article That I wrote in the beacon newspaper About an apparition of a woman In the window Of the Thursby house in Blue Springs. I have visions Quite a bit Or dreams that come true as they say. In a lot of my photos I always have a green or purple colors or orb's above my head When I am out and about no matter where I take my pictures. I also get pictures Of spaceships And aliens and things not of this world. I should also mention when I get excited or mad I also blow lightbulbs and other appliances or electronics Not really quite sure why. I look forward to meeting like minded people on this site As when I talk about it or show other people my photos They step back And give me that look You know the look.