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Name: Naga3188
Birthday: Nov 12 1999
Location: With Thanatos Anubis persphone Thoth and Morgana
Gender: Male
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I want to learn and grow stronger and meet people who can helpI am 16 I am interested in: summoning,banishing,defense ,warding, binding ,candle, color ,and protection herb and scrying magick I want help I want to Learn to grow stronger to help other people I also want to study voodoo,necromancy, and demonology

I am novice I want to increase my knowledge and grow stronger I will try to learn almost any type even dark magic i dislike Angels I love writing stories. I love roses and willow trees. my favorite band is three days grace. my favorite song I don't care or gone forever Fell free to message I probaly won't be rude I feel like I am a hollow shell nothing inside but darkness Favorite colors black and blood red or any red

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