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Name: Markiplier
Birthday: May 25 1995
Location: Virginia, US
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I am NOT celebrity YouTuber Markiplier. Just a fan. When signing up, I was sure the name would be taken, but surprisingly it wasn't. So it stuck. Go figure. Mark's not in to this stuff anyways and I've linked his YouTube for your convenience. If you've got the Jacksepticeye username, I'd love to be friends immediately.
Hello friends! I'm Jesse, a big empath that's been in to magicks on and off since I was a wee one, but didn't have much confidence or resources to really further my path. I'm now happily learning Hellenistic practices under Apollo and Hades!
What I know/am practicing:
Energy healing
Crystal magick
What I want to learn:
True/indigenous brujeria
Advanced protection
Spell casting/trickster magick
Astral projection
I still think I'm a baby that's taking a leisurely pace with things. Shoot me a quick message if you'd like me to make you a sigil or were interested in a tarot reading. I need the practice! Just keep in mind I am a person that works and rests like you.
As for a bit of my hobbies: I like anime, kpop, singing, cooking, digital art, writing, and video games.