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Name: DarkOmegaZX
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Ok as far as I go I have studied the occult for many years on and off as my daily life has allowed was able to study more when I was younger. Im originally from the midwest/central part of the states. I hate the desert and love the forests and I am planning a move back to the midwest/central part of the states. Love the out doors and feel very comfortable with it. Have a hectic work life but that comes with being a plumber. Had a lot of bad things happen not sure if it was because me and my friends went to far into our studies or if just fate. Trying to piece things together and get information as my life is starting to take a change in direction. I have personally studied in most aspects of theology both monotheism and polytheism. Have studied the occult from a broad spectrum from spells rites creatures ect... . I am very open minded to many possibilities that can occur in life. The only difference between fact and fiction is that fiction just hasn't happened yet.