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Name: Julietta
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Looking for a Highest Love vibration? Me too! Crystal Skull Spiritual Journey for Healing program is designed to get you there. Love have different levels of vibration. The lowest is a "baby love". Which is let you feel attraction to someone who carrying about you. It?s also having a principal of condition love: you give me something and I will love you for this. Another level is a bit higher than first. You can feel love for nature, your neighbor or even to yourself, but it still have a condition. You will do it for spiritual reasons: to be a good Christian, to change your karma, to gain some spiritual benefits. And there is the highest love vibration. This one is absolute and free of ANY conditions. You love everything and everyone and it's base on deep exception of yourself and every living bean in you and round you. This vibration giving you total freedom to be yourself, to be free of all and every negative vibrations like fear, greed, hate and so on. It gives you your complete acceptance of entire creation and wholeness with everything that exists. You will never afraid to die, be a long, be hungry, be rejected. This Love is ALWAYS FREE of charge! Do you want to feel it? Do you want to fly with your soul? If your answer is yes...... watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RiASmjharU&feature=youtu.be It will tell you about the way to get there.