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Name: Sariel741
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Things about me. I am a writer. I love writing stories, poems, songs, anything really! Music is one of my passions and I write it, sing it and play it on my guitar. I am also from England, but I just moved over to America :/. Onto the more mystical side. I am the most familiar with divination and have a natural gift for it. Palmistry and tarot being my two favorite means of divination. I am also, though, aching to learn new skills. I am a Wiccan, though I have not been initiated yet. I am still waiting for my year and one day. I am a natural empath, though I used to shut it out when I was little because it got me into a bit of trouble. Basically I can feel and know what others feel and know. It sometimes sucks because you don't know if what your feeling is your own or not. Yea just go ahead and message me. I am pretty friendly and like to get to know new people.