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Name: OpheliaAngel
Birthday: Sep 21 1998
Location: Canada
Gender: Female
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Greetings everyone, I am Ophelia, but let me tell you, I'm no Angel, I'm a Witch. I have been practicing magic ever since I was small child. I am also a Necromancer. I was born into Vampyrism. Both my parents are Vampyres. I don't like to talk much, so I avoid people as much as possible. I don't like talking about being a Vampyre. So please avoid that topic with me. I can be a bit rude, but thats just how I am sometimes. I have zero patience for people who like to pick fights online, or in person. I've dealt with a lot of things in the past that scar me till this day, but I'm strong, and I keep going. I don't like to be told what to do. Maybe that's because I'm hasty. There's a lot of things about me that you just wouldn't understand. So don't ask me about anything, it annoys me, and I won't give you the answer you're looking for. I don't do spells for other people, and I don't tell people spells I've created. This world isn't what it once was many years ago. It's sad to think about it, but I can't do anything to fix it. I'm actually a very nice person once you get to know me. I'm easy to talk to, and I don't cause problems. I do find it very hard to trust other people though... Blessed be everyone.