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Name: GwenGallow
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My name is Gwendolyn Gallow. I've been a witch/pagan for 10 years. I've been attracted to witchcraft since around age 9. I didn't know what I was attracted to was 'witchcraft', I just knew something else existed for me. I have a natural curiosity for everything, enthusiasm for learning, and am driven to share what I know. Most of my magik consist of color and candle magik, items I find in my yard or a near by forest, and workings I can do to help nature and others. My strengths are tarot, druidry, and astrology. I would much rather gather my magikal items outside and make my own witch tools than buy them. I will never tell anyone that they practice incorrectly, nor will I discriminate against members of different gender, race, sexuality, or different beliefs. I expect pagans and witches to be evolved and accepting of others.
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