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Name: SilverVang
Birthday: Aug 16 2000
Location: Shippensburg, PA
Gender: Female
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Hello, I am a beginner in the Magick realm. I am no human though, I have found that over the few years I've lived that I can't possibly be a human being. No, I just don't fit in well enough. I am one with the darkness, yes I am a demon. With my talent to seduce almost any man of almost any age (I'm still working on my skills as a young Succubus). I believe (I say believe because I know some will argue that it's not possible, but I feel it is) myself to be a Succubus trapped inside this flesh for the human soul. None of my family know of my work, nor my true identity. I'm hoping to help unleash my Magick and will accept any help/guidance. Please do not judge my beliefs, because I wouldn't judge yours. I suppose you may call me Fluffy, saying I'm pretending to be a demon. You don't know me, or why I say I'm a demon. Yes, I'll listen to what you have to say. Yes, I'm willing to learn new things. No, the fact I'm a demon will not be changed by your opinions.