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Name: RairakkuRin
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I have been a Wiccan for almost my 1st year now. I always knew magic could be real somehow, and Wicca has showed me that somehow.
I am here to learn, make friends, and fulfill my destiny.
(I'm on a quest for my future husband...other clairvoyant people are needed to help verify some things) I can help with becoming a Wiccan and Lucid Dreaming. I must develop my other skills, which I'm learning with other members right now.
UPDATE: I have tried to OBE and it is H-A-R-D...feel free to boss me around on how to accomplish this.
*I am clairvoyant when proper technique is applied.
*I can't OBE yet, but I can Lucid Dream when proper technique is applied.
*I seem to have subtle control over electricity.
*Aura color is Indigo.
*Patience... Gamefreak needs to hurry up with the Gen 4. remakes [and make them as good as the originals...Diamond was my first PKMN game so I will not critique them lightly >:)]
Lucky Number: 5 or 57
Witch or not, Scary Godmother is life.
I love cats, bunnies, tigers, and polar bears...meh I love all of Mr. Horned One's animals :)
Deities: Hekate and Horned One, although most of the deities out there are fine folks in my eyes~
Talk to me about anime/cartoons, any kind of dreaming stuff, any games, supernatural beings/spirits, spells, Marvel stuff, animals, art, Wicca, Evillious Chronicles, Vocaloid, funny movies, MLG, or YTP.
IF I DON'T RESPOND I AM VEEERRRY SRY THERE IS A 99.9% IT'S CAZ I LOGGED OFF ;-; -With that being said please don't send smut or you will be that 1%